Seeney referred to crime and corruption commission chairman A.H.P. Kaur, while he was still minister, as one of the “old guard” of bureaucrats in the department. He said, “In a nutshell, my colleague told me during his term that these days even the young kids could get jobs by joining government services.”

The minister also told The Telegraph that Kaur’s wife had told him that she and her brothers-in-law had started their own compani더킹카지노es before joining government jobs.

“I will also be taking notice of the way some officials are working while in this ministry but now are looking at their own jobs. They are making many more out of these compa바카라사이트nies and earning more than the old guard of bureaucrats,” he said.

On Wednesday, the prime minister’s office had in a press release said that as regards Kaur, “she was part of the old guard of bureaucrats but was promoted to the rank of deputy minister in December 2015 after taking over as chief minister’s seniority committee”.

On Wednesday the Lok Sabha, which has been adjourned for the day, will resume on Wednesday.

Firsjarvees.comt Published: Nov 20, 2017 19:48 IST